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How TriggerNews Private Label Works

The Client application is the "receiver" portion of the system, and runs as a background process on the user's computer. It's an extremely small and efficient program typically less than 500 Kbytes, which makes it ideal for download, even for dial-up connections.

The Publisher is both the "transmitter" and administra-tion interface to the system. The Publisher supports one or multiple sets of separately branded clients or co-brands.

Utilizing a hierarchical commun-ication model, alert distribution can be manual and/or fully automatic (unattended) via dedicated source feed scanners, supporting both global broadcast or narrowcast capabilities to target various combinations of brands, cate-gories, geographic regions, or specific Triggers.

Categories of Interest, defined globally or shared/split among brands within the Publisher, serve as a broad filtering mechanism, whereas personal Triggers — specified within the Client application by the user — provide exact matching to words or phrases contained in the alert headline or associated article description and/or body content. Users also control (via their client-side settings) how new incoming alerts will be delivered and displayed, including popups, mini-slider, headline ticker windows, and/or periodic e-mail digests summarizing their personal collection of news stories.

Meaningful metrics for content management and statistical analysis to determine trends, web traffic, user interests, etc., are supported throughout the system, including alert history (views, click-throughs), installs/uninstalls, client-specific page views, category selections, and more.

Flexible configurations and updates to the Client applications are performed via an auto-update capability. No longer is it necessary to redistribute or re-download clients for new features and/or bug fixes. TriggerNews Private Label is a self-contained, secure (128-bit encrypted) and opt-in type of system to thwart both spam and phishing.

TriggerNews Private Label is built upon a LAMP-based architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), which allows for the implementation and deployment of the system at very low cost, in addition to keeping the setup and maintenance well within a common skill set to well-understood web server environments. The system is hosted by you or a third party, thereby ensuring even greater control and security.