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TriggerNews Private Label

TriggerNews Private Label is an innovative and privately branded content delivery and alerting platform used to significantly extend and differentiate a company's brand or service via the Internet. TriggerNews Private Label is used to generate revenues, increase web traffic, and enhance the end user experience, making this system very different from our regular TriggerNews subscription service, which is used primarily by stock traders.

TriggerNews Private Label was created to offer companies the ability to deliver rich media content to their end users, while at the same time giving those end users total personal control over what and how information gets delivered to them. Client applications are typically hosted and promoted on your web site. Visitors to your web site simply download and install a lightweight Client Application and begin receiving alerts once installed. The number and type of alerts initially received depends on the default client settings — it's initial state, after install — as determined by you as the desired "starting point" prior to users configuring their own extensions to reflect their personal interests.

Dedicated to delivering the most innovative solutions to customer needs in the ever-changing landscape of the Internet, TriggerNews Private Label has already been selected by some of the world's most-recognized leaders in business, news, and information, including Forbes, BusinessWeek, ABC, AccuWeather and many others. The systemís innovative architecture enables centralized control and/or hierarchical sharing of information, allowing it to serve the demands of a number of diverse markets and industries.

TriggerNews Private Label consists of two main components; a Publisher for administration, alert creation and distribution; plus any number of small, separately branded user-downloadable Client Applications for receiving alerts.

Utilizing our patented matching TriggerEngine® techno-logy, end users set triggers (keywords or phrases) to receive information specific and relevant to their own personal set of interests.

This level of control — allowing users to determine how little or how much information they want — coupled with a push communication model sends just the right amount of content to the user rather than them going to a web site to retrieve it. This has proven to be key in creating brand distinction, loyalty, and retention over time.

TriggerNews Private Label serves as a powerful framework to your ideas. Supporting any combination of one or more separate brands and/or co-brands for a given system, the system offers an unsurpassed feature set as the innovative means to extend or reinforce the value of your brand, enabling a very unique brand experience — without compromise — to the end user.

Single and Multi-Brand versions of TriggerNews Private Label are available. TriggerNews Private Label Multi-Brand establishes one Master Publisher, which may in turn control and administer each separate Brand (via sub-Publishers) created in the system. TriggerNews Private Label Multi-Brand facilitates hierarchical publishing and centralized control over all dedicated Brands and their respective client applications, making it ideal for large corporations and/or group media companies who host and/or contribute content to their subsidiary brands.