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About Us

News Technologies, LLC was founded in 2002 by two entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds in high level software design and stock trading, amongst other skills and experience. The original idea was to provide unprecedented tools to stock traders that would enable them to receive instantaneous news alerts on companies, based on matches made to their personal set of key words or phrases when they are found in press releases and other content sources such as SEC filings, diverse feeds like Twitter, general news articles, government data reports, message boards, social media sites, blogs, etc. These key words or phrases could be anything from company names, stock symbols or even general terms, used with or without Boolean constructs. Direct feeds were employed along with our own servers housed in a Class A data center to provide the lowest latency possible. By delivering personalized, real-time news the moment it hit the wire, users had an edge to trade a stock before the general market could react in a big way. This first product is called TriggerNews.

Later, at the request of many different marquee companies, we developed and licensed a private label version of the product called TriggerNews Private Label. This software platform allowed these companies to distribute their own content to their respective end user communities, again based on matches made to a users personal category selections or key word/phrase entries. Some of the companies who implemented the system were Forbes, BusinessWeek, ABC, AccuWeather, Automotive News, NBC Olympics (for the 2006 Winter Olympics), etc.

At the time of startup, News Technologies also filed two patents for various forms of key word and phrase matching. The first was approved in October of 2007. Its title is "High-Speed Token and Phrase Matching via Successive Complexity Reduction". The patent number is 7,277,887.

Our second patent, titled “News induced automated electronic securities transactions”, was approved in October of 2011. The patent number is 8,027,893.

Our third patent – a continuation of the second to broaden its claims, was approved in November of 2012. The patent number is 8,315,932.

News Technologies today is privately held and headquartered outside Portland, Oregon, with no debt or outside investors. TriggerNews® is a registered trademark of the company.