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TriggerNews Private Label Client

The TriggerNews Private Label Client application is dedicated to earning an active and prominent place on one's desktop by enticing and motivating users with innovative and unique means of content delivery found nowhere else. By facilitating a fundamental shift in how users receive information, by empowering users to personalize and customize their own consumer habit — via information on demand, specificity of their own interests, and personalized access to data — is how you achieve the ultimate reward of becoming an "object of devotion" on their desktops.

Giving users what they want by mixing the right combination of content and control over that content leads to truly engaging and retaining them. Once engaged, a marked increase in participation with alert content (click-throughs and page views), advertisements, and even peer-to-peer referral of the client application itself will typically result.

Three essential considerations contributing most to the success of any system are Content, the right level of user Control, and the creative means to realize revenue through Sponsored Ads and more.

Determining the overall look and feel, combined with the core content and user interaction model are the means by which you integrate all of your brand assets into a superior end user experience.


Content is the most important aspect to the overall appeal of a branded alerting system. It is the promise of your brand's useful and relevant content, after all, that motivates the user to initially "invite" your Client application onto their desktop.

Content itself can be used as a means to monetization by differentiating varying levels of service or branding; or segregating "free" content versus "premium" or paid content models.

"Premium" brand models may be free of ads and offer a superset of content and functionality well beyond that of the "Free/low cost" model, for example. Combining the right combination of content, control, and advertising with TriggerNews Private Label's rich set of features makes allowing for such distinctions easy.

The TriggerNews Private Label architecture allows features to be highly componentized and dynamic, allowing for either rollout of new features or seamless migration of individual users from free to paid content models without having to re-download additional software. Combining high-value features with additional content makes it easy to delineate between two or more levels of value or brand experience.

Content can be extended to "premium" brands in a number of ways by availing additional Categories of Interest selections, and/or additional content display selections within the Client application or mini-windows, and/or weblog uploading/blogging, and more.

In general, each TriggerNews Private Label system contains one or more privately branded sets of Client applications, supporting the delivery of rich media content with unparalled modes of access to that content ranging from "instant-start" video to user actionable links to view the video, for example.

The figure below shows an example Alert Popup Window displaying the following attributes:

  • Imagery typically reflects branding.
  • Alerts can be assigned to or generated from specific Cate-gories of Interest, as denoted by the "TEAM 2" banner.
  • Headlines (or any text) can be hyperlinks, opening the full article when clicked — note matches to user-defined Trigger keywords or phrases are highlighted in yellow, visually denoting the match.
  • Alerts can optionally contain still images, webcam snapshots, streaming audio or video, "free-form" HTML and/or Flash code, etc. Actionable link to view video shown.
  • Ads can be displayed or rotated from an ad server, typically HTML or Flash.


Striking the "right" balance or tradeoff between the default content configuration as a starting point, availing the "right" optional extensions to that content, aggregated by the "right" user interaction model for the client cannot be overemphasized. Whatever your envisioned ideal, TriggerNews Private Label is architected to be very flexible in allowing you to shape and achieve your desired end user experience.

Users control their receipt and viewing of personalized content through various means, including Trigger entries, Interests selections, Alert Delivery and E-mail Settings, in addition to main Client and/or Mini-window selections.

  • Triggers provide exact matching to words or phrases contained with the alert headline or associated article description or body content. Correlation between the defined Trigger keyword or phrase is highlighted in the display of the alert, providing visual feedback to the user regarding the cause of the alert.
  • Interests serve to supply default content to the Client application and are typically set up as an opt-in/out selection for the user. Interests also typically mimic the pre-existing or desired taxonomy for an existing product brand or service.
  • Alert Delivery and E-mail Settings control how new incoming alerts will be delivered and displayed, including popups, mini-slider and/or headline ticker windows, and/or periodic e-mail digests summarizing the user's personal collection of news stories. Client application display of additional content windows and/or free-floating (undocked) mini-windows is also controlled by the user.
  • Client Window and/or Mini-Windows provide additional means for content typically under the user's control. Users can select from a list of windows defined in the Publisher, which can display virtually any type of content sized to fit within the main Client application or mini-window.
All setting defaults for initial seeding of the Client application as a starting point after deployment are easily refined, defined or altered within the Publisher interface.


More than ever, consumers are increasingly bombarded with advertising. As a result, many of us take little notice of them. In the never-ending quest to stand out and appeal to consumers, advertisers are constantly seeking new and more effective ways to engage consumers, and will pay top dollars to do so.

TriggerNews Private Label offers unlimited support in advertising. Ads cans be included in any Client application window and/or free-floating mini-windows and/or alert popup windows. Any window can also be "skinned" to an ad sponsor.

Another emerging trend among advertisers is pushing ads across the boundary between advertising and content in almost every popular medium. Whether it be mini-movies from car manufacturers or webisode-like product pitches from others, the remarkable success of these ad campaigns is owed to one thing in common, their ability to entertain and engage the consumer.

Whether you choose more traditional advertising methods or opt to broadcast an occasional "webisode" or create an otherwise entertaining informational "event", TriggerNews Private Label promotes maximum flexibility to address limitless creativity in this regard.