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A customized version of TriggerNews® Private Label built for your company should provide the following major benefits:

  • Ad revenues. A number of different advertising models can be utilized within the TriggerNews® Private Label system to generate positive cash flow revenues.
  • Increase in web traffic. Companies should see an increase in web traffic as users more readily click through on alerts of personal interest, thereby taking them back to your site to read the full news article.
  • Extends your brand. In a sea awash with RSS feeds from news sites and web portals from around the world, a branded, self-contained alerting platform delivering your specialized news and information by a user-friendly and user-controllable model helps extend your brand and customer reach.
  • Increase in users. Companies should see an increase in the number of users because the system is so unique and easy to use, especially if implemented before your competition.
  • Track trends and statistics. With the ability to track trends and the popularity of different stories, Editors can start to evolve clearer pictures of which are the most popular and how better to position them to get the most impact. Similarly, category and trigger usage can be monitored to determine most and least utilized.
  • Novel approach. Content is delivered in a faster and more innovative way than through just email or web posts. By allowing users to customize which news they want to receive (through category and trigger selection), they are more likely to click through and read the full text of articles.
  • Alert formats. Alert content can include text, stereo audio, images, dynamically captured web cam "snapshots", instant-start video, HTML or Flash code, thereby expanding the power of the information you provide.
  • Client Application retention. The TriggerNews® Private Label Client application is around 500K in size. Thatís the full application and not an installer. This means users (even dial-up) are more prone to install, retain and use it on their system.
  • Free or subscriber service. TriggerNews® Private Label can be set up to be a free service to the licenseeís users or it can be set up to be a paid subscription service, or a combination the two.
  • Self-contained system. By downloading and installing the Client Application, information alerts sent through the system are not considered spam because the user knowingly approved using the system in the first place. Access to the Publisher and communications between the Client and Publisher are encrypted for security reasons.
  • Scalable. The system was architected to handle millions of users. System management parameters within the Publisher provide a balance between vast numbers of users and your infrastructure resources.
  • Overall customer experience. The system should improve the overall customer experience of your users.

If you are interested in learning more about implementing a customized version of TriggerNews® Private Label in your environment, please send an email to We look forward to hearing from you.